About Me

Hi there! I’m Kelley, just your super average full time wife and mom of 4 little ones, fueled by Jesus and coffee.

I love to share what’s on my heart and often don’t get the time to organize my thoughts or even have many adult conversations without also cleaning up a spill, answering one of 400 “why’s”, and changing a diaper all at the same time. I have so much to learn as a mom, and fail constantly; I’m just so thankful that for God’s grace, love, and His Word to coach me along the way.

Years ago, I began an interior design business. You’d think with a blog name like “A Lively Home” this would be a blog about decorating, after all, that is my background and still a passion of mine.

But it took filling my own home with my family to learn that HOME means more about who is in it, and the experiences we have together in the home, than what it looks like. Sure I love making a home beautiful, inviting, and comfortable; but my goal for our home is for it to be a place where we love God, each other, and learn how to be disciples for Christ.

I hope you’ll be encouraged by some of my random thoughts and revelations that come to me while being surrounded by babies day in and day out.